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Book: Not I, But Christ

Author: Jason Henderson

Christianity is not religion; it is life. Specifically, it is the life of Jesus Christ given to the soul of man. It is not a collection of beliefs, although knowing His life will cause us to see and walk in the truth. It is not a kind of behavior, although abiding in His life will affect all that we desire and do. Christianity, at its very root and in every branch, is bound up with a very specific life that God gives, reveals, and forms in the soul of man. Christianity is Christ living in you. But to know and experience the greatness of His life, the soul must be carried on by the Spirit of God to an ever greater view of the cross of Jesus Christ. (364 pages)

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Book: The Lie and the Light

Author: Jason Henderson

Buried in the soul of fallen man is a lie that has corrupted all matters of heart and mind. It infected the first man with a virus of self-obsession, and the disease passed from generation to generation as Adam’s kind filled the earth. This lie is not merely a false belief. It is the ancient lens through which man believes all things. As such, it cannot be corrected or improved, but must find its end in the Cross of Christ where it is displaced by the One who said “I am the Light”. (100 pages)

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Book: The Writings of Isaac Penington, Volume 1

Author: Isaac Penington

Isaac Penington (1616-1679) was the son of a prominent English politician, and the father-in-law of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania. Though born into a family of wealth and reputation, Penington's heart was set upon things above from his earliest days. Even as a child, he recognized that the religion of his day stood in the will and understanding of man, in outward practices, duties, and scriptural truths that were professed but not truly possessed. Isaac Penington longed for more. Motivated by an insatiable hunger for truth, he sought the Lord with all his heart and discovered a Christianity that stood in, and flowed out from, the light and life of Jesus Christ reigning in the inner man. (415 pages)

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Book: Sanctification

Author: Jason Henderson

The journey of the believer's soul is always to see, apprehend, and learn to live in the realm and life and land that is Christ. This is sanctification. The word has to do with separation. The experience has to do with leaving something so far behind that it becomes forgotten and meaningless. The One who ascended beckons our hearts to ascend with Him, to be found in Him, to dwell with Him where He is, even while our natural bodies continue their time on the earth. (80 pages)

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Book: The Feasts of Israel

Author: Jason Henderson

The seven feasts were an enormous part of old covenant Judaism. The yearly experience of these feasts, together with their corresponding harvests, were fundamental aspects of every Jew's personal, social, and spiritual identity. The purpose of these annual assemblies was not primarily eating and celebrating. Rather, they were given by God to paint a picture of His work and purpose in Jesus Christ, and our inclusion in Christ for His glory. Through the feasts of Israel, God has shown us the journey of Christ from a single dying seed to a multi-membered, resurrected harvest. (120 pages)

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Audio Teaching Series:

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Series: The Greatness of Salvation

Author: Jason Henderson

September 10, 2006 - November 12, 2006. 8 audio messages.

It's one thing for a believer to know that they have salvation. It's another thing altogether to know the salvation that they have. Salvation is not some THING that Jesus gives to you. Salvation is Jesus Himself being given to you as the life and light of your soul. In this 8 part series, we see that the greatness of salvation is nothing other than the greatness of Christ. Christ IS salvation, and we know our salvation only to the measure that Christ is revealed in us.

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Series: The Foundation

Author: Jason Henderson

March 25, 2009 - June 10, 2009. 10 audio messages.

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul warned believers that, "no other foundation can anyone lay besides that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." Sadly, much of what is called Christianity stands on a false or faulty foundation. Though Christ's name is used, and his words are often quoted, the giant "house" that is being built stands upon the sand of man's ideas and effort. What does it mean that Christ is the rock and foundation of His spiritual house? In these 10 messages, we talk about the foundational and essential realities of Christ revealed, formed, and glorified in the soul of man.

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Series: The Eternal Purpose of God

Author: Jason Henderson

August 18, 2013 - November 10, 2013. 12 audio messages.

There has been one primary thing motivating the heart of God since before the creation of the world. There was never anything that He needed, but there was something that He wanted. With different pictures and shadows, and with a multitude of voices, the Old Testament described God's one eternal desire. And then, through the mighty work of the cross, Christ fulfilled every picture, promise, and prophecy. What is God's eternal purpose? How does it involve the body of Christ? This class will explore the answers to these questions using the very shadows and testimonies that God has given us.

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Series: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament (sample pack)

Author: Jason Henderson

May 20, 2012 - November 30, 2014. 10 audio messages.

The entire Old Testament was inspired by the Spirit of God and written for one express purpose. The people were real and the stories true, but through them God deliberately spoke beyond their day, beyond their covenant, even beyond their creation. The books of the Old Testament are diverse in many ways, but they are united in this one purpose – Jesus said, “These are they which testify of Me.” This class explores the Old Testament as exactly what the Lord and His apostles declared it to be – a multifaceted testimony of Jesus Christ and God's eternal purpose in Him. (The old version of this same class from 2008 can be found here).

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Series: Not I But Christ - Audiobook

Author: Jason Henderson

March 1, 2013. 18 audio messages.

This is the audiobook format of the free paperback Not I But Christ separated into individual chapters. Read by Jason Henderson.

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